I’m Ashley Holstrom, a professional book person who likes to yap about good books and mental health whenever she can. I manage eBook production for an indie publisher in the Midwest by day and write around the internet by night. I also wrote an essay about trichotillomania—compulsive hair-pulling—for (Don’t) Call Me Crazy, a young adult anthology about mental illness.

What is Crooked Reads?

Crooked Reads is a monthly(ish) collection of three bite-sized book reviews, fitting to a theme. My goal is to give you two things: the basic plot and how the book will make you feel—no verbosity or blurb words here.

The name comes from my wannabe intellectual English major days, when I started a blog and called it Crooked Prose. Because I have scoliosis. And my spine is crooked. Get it? The name stuck and is my brand, now, I guess.


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Quick notes

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  • I tend to get free review copies of books from publishers, but anything recommended here is truly beloved. Same goes for books published by my employer.

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A monthly collection of three bite-sized book reviews and other things from a professional book person.


Ashley Holstrom

Professional book person and mental health advocate. Doing ebook production at an indie publisher and writing all over the internet.