You Are Only Responsible for Yourself

Edition 32: September 2021

Hi, friends.

My therapist recently told me something that’s changed my mindset in the deepest way. You are only responsible for yourself. Don’t fret over the people and things that are out of your control. Work, traffic, annoying neighbors—they exist with or without your acknowledgment. Stop spending your precious time being upset about them.

It’s freeing. If you’ve been feeling trapped, too, try giving that mantra a go.

Along with that, about a month ago I decided to focus on the things I want to do for me and no one else, and it’s been amazing. I’m only taking on freelance projects that inspire and excite me. I’m only reading books that make me want to stay up past my bedtime. I went to an in-store book club meeting with one of my fave authors, Leigh Stein, where a group of 12 strangers sat in a circle and drank wine and talked about the internet for two hours. It was magical.

I’m trying to be more intentional with how I spend my time, which has meant backing away from the social internet, and I already feel lighter.

I hope you find something to bring you lightness this month.

What I read

🏒 The Score by Elle Kennedy

I read the entire Off-Campus series over the course of two weeks because five books about hot college hockey players and the ladies they woo is apparently my jam. The Score is the third in the series, but it’s my favorite. Dean is a womanizer, Allie is a serial monogamist. It’s only fitting that they hook up and become addicted to each other. Steamy and smart and fun!

🧠 Everything Is Fine by Vince Granata

If you’re looking for a memoir to totally devastate you, this is it. Vince’s brother Tim has schizophrenia and during an unmedicated episode of psychosis, he kills their mother in their home. Tim was sentenced to 60 years in a psychiatric facility after being found not guilty by reason of mental disease or defect. Everything Is Fine is an absolutely gutting book about grief, love, and mental illness.

Around the internet:

What I wrote

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In which I blurb Anna Mehler Paperny’s Hello I Want to Die Please Fix Me, the most essential book on suicide and mental illness.

Interview with Wyatt Williams

It was an honor to get to interview Wyatt Williams about his new book, Springer Mountain: Meditations on Killing and Eating, after reviewing it for Foreword Reviews.


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